AMTRON has always been ahead on the Technology Curve since the very inception in 1984. We take pride in being amongst the first focused software services companies in North Eastern India, also being amongst the first to launch software products way back in 1989. Besides, with over 24 years of experience in delivering solutions in Telecom and the IT-domain, AMTRON happens to be the pioneers in finding IT-enabled solutions of the future.

AMTRON has played a significant role in extending technology and services to organizations to maximise competitive advantage and grow market share. AMTRON's solutions and services can be integrated easily with support from professional expertise in open source making any project cost-effective and viable for any enterprise. Today it is a visible and vibrant f orce in the electronics scenario of the north-east. AEDC Ltd. has grown quietly over the years to make itself capable of meeting the challenges of the Information Revolution. Today it has become almost indispensable for any IT activity in the region, be it for consultancy, design, standardization or taking up turn key projects for development of IT infrastructure in the NE Region.

Training activities in the field of IT started as an inherent part of the Computer center of AEDC Ltd., along with its IT consultancy, software development and data processing. The coroporation is currently giving its priority to computer Education in a Big way in order to bring Computer Awarness and quality Computer Education in the entire NE Region.

AMTRON is giving its priority to Computer Education in a big way in order to bring Computer awareness and quality Computer Education in the NE region. It owns a very good Computer Education set up and also has a Franchisee network spread throughout Assam. We conduct our own computer courses under the brand name of AMTRON as well as NIELIT courses (O, A, and B Level) . AMTRON also has some ambitious plans to launch High-end training courses such as Open Source, Networking and Multimedia in partnership with industry leaders in the field Education.