Frequently Asked Question

Can we get affiliation/franchisee/study centre of AMTRON?

AMTRON accredits courses conducted by institutes/organizations particularly in the non-formal sector of IT Education & Training. As such, institutes/organizations can offer AMTRON Course against after proper Registration is Completed with Amtron and a Registration Number is allocated to the instalation by AMTRON

Who can get Franchisee?

Computer training institutes/organizations in the non-formal sector, meeting well-defined criteria, are granted Franchisee for specified levels of courses of various 3 months, 6months and 1 year duration courses are offered.

What are the criteria for getting Franchisee?

An institute/organization seeking Franchisee must be registered with Central/State Government & is required to have:
- own premises with minimum carpet area better than 90 square metres (or if hired, Lease must be on a long term basis )
- faculty made up of both ‘teaching’ and ‘support faculty’;
- the necessary hardware as well as licensed software to conduct training as per syllabus of a particular level/course;
- a library with a good selection of books and periodicals of standard quality, and sound financial status of the institute/organization.
- it is desirable to have conducted similar courses (computer/IT related) for at least 6 months prior to the date of submission of an application that must be accompanied with documentary evidence of the same

How to apply for getting Franchisee?

Institutes/organizations seeking Registration Franchisees need to apply for all courses in a Single Registration Process. Provisional Registration can be done Online by Filling up the form and attaching the scanned copies of all relavent document and by paying the registration fees. Provisional Registration is valid for 6 monthgs during which all Hard copies of the documents will be scrutinised and full Registration is allotted. During provisional Registration period the Center may register students and continue Training but is special cases where provisional registration gets cancelled the admitted students becomes the liability of the institute concerned.

How to get Prospectus?

The Prospectus can be obtained from AMTRON Counter (cash) in person or by post & request addressed to AMTRON, Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati - 781021

What are the durations for which provisional Franchisees are granted by AMTRON?

Initially, Provisional Franchisee is granted for a period of 6(six) months.

What are the requirements of Faculty, Hardware and Software for getting provisional Franchisee?

All these details are available in AMTRON Prospectus & Syllabus that are priced publications & can be obtained from AMTRON Guwahati.

How to fill the Application Form seeking provisional Franchisees?

The Online “Application Form for Provisional Franchisee” is available in the Amtron website which can be filled and submitted online along with payment of fee. All Required documents have to be scanned and attached on site. Printout of the Online form is to be taken and sent to Amtron Head Office for scrutiny.

When the Franchisee is granted?

After all the documentation is complete, a Local Screening Committee constituted by AMTRON visits the Institute/organization seeking AMTRON Franchisee Course(s) witin 1 month of the receipt of the Hard Copy of the Registraion Form and all necessary Documents. On receipt of satisfactory report of the Screening Committee, Franchisee is granted.

What is the Validity period of the Amtron Franchisee Registration

Validity period of Amtron Franchisee Registration is for 2(two) years which can be extended on payment of a re registration fee. If the Re registration process is not initiated the Franchisee Registration will be withdrawn and all new Students registration and Examination process will be cancelled. However already registered student can continue to appear for examinations.

What are the fees for Franchisee Registration?

The fee schedule for Franchisee registration is Rs 19,500/- which can be paid in installment of Rs 10,000/- at the time of Registration and rest in a single installmentat in January of next calender year